Permafrost Thaws

Predicting areas that are most sensitive to changes such as permafrost thaws is vital to planning sustainable infrastructure. The type and amount of ice has many implications on the types of developments.  

Excessive Groundwater Extraction

Excessive groundwater extraction can cause the land to sink (also known as subsidence). It is a growing problem in the developing world as cities increase in population and water use, without adequate pumping regulation and enforcement. One estimate has 80% of serious land subsidence problems associated with the excessive extraction of groundwater, making it a …

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Canadian Infrastructure

Canadian Infrastructure got a “report card” last year to evaluate where we stand in terms of asset management. Approximately 348,000 kilometers of roads are in very poor, poor or fair condition. This is approximately 39% of the Canadian road inventory.  

Non-Point Sources

Groundwater contamination comes from two categories of sources: point sources and distributed, or non-point sources. Run off from farm land treated with pesticides and fertilizers is an example of a non-point source.  

Campground Design

Campground Design Services

Our campground design services include: Feasibility Studies. This involves the gathering and evaluation of information necessary to make an informed decision about the potential success of a campground development in a specific site.  

Asset Management Training

Asset Management Skills

Wanting to improve your asset management skills? Workshops are being offered through a partnership with Infrastructure and Asset Management Alberta for elected officials, senior administration, and municipal staff.  

Municipal Management Asset Program Grants

Ever heard of the Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP)? This relatively new and popular program that was reintroduced in May 2020. The federal government will provide approved applicants grants of up to $50,000 to municipalities wanting to improve their asset management skills. The next deadline for application is January 19, 2021.