Parking Lots Design Standards: What You Need to Know

Parking requirements have drastically changed since the 1970s. Historically, parking lots in Edmonton had minimum parking requirements. Now the minimum parking space requirements were removed by Edmonton city council in July 2020.  Each business can decide for themselves the amount of parking needed for their business.   The impact of this change will quietly shape the …

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Parking Stall Cost

In Edmonton, onsite parking can cost anywhere from $7,000 to $60,000 per stall, a cost that is passed down to the rent or mortgage payers, or paid for in goods bought and services used.

Campground Design

Are you sitting at your desk daydreaming about Summer camping? Have you given any thought on what design elements make a campground desirable? A well-planned campground site layout will not only maximize your space but ensure customers enjoy their camping experience and they will keep coming back for years to come. Larger campsites, green spaces, …

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Mature Neighbourhood Overlay Regulations

RF3 zoning is probably the most versatile zoning in mature Edmonton neighbourhoods.  RF1 zoning is the most common zoning for residential neighbourhoods. Let’s explore the primary residential mature neighbourhood zoning options in Edmonton: RF1 – Single detached Residential Zone.  In other words, RF1 zoning is the single standalone house.  This is Edmonton’s smallest scale zone …

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Involved in a Construction Dispute?

When projects fail, the discussion always come down to who is liable for the construction damages.  Disputes between the contractor and owner during construction projects are often complex and sometimes inevitable especially when preventative measures haven’t taken place.   Here are some of the most common disputes that arise during construction projects. Expectations.  The contractor promises …

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Commercial Drainage Fees

We recently saved an Edmonton Church 49% of their Epcor Commercial Drainage Fees with a professional drainage assessment.  Contact us for a free assessment.