Silt Fencing

ilt fencing is commonly used in construction projects across North America. It is used as a temporary barrier to prevent soil erosion and maintain water quality in the construction process. It is made of geotextile and stakes that allows water to pass when there is storm water runoff. As a pollution control measure, silt fences …

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Consolidating Lots

Need more space? We can consolidate two or more lots together into one large lot. We will create a plan to combine, rezone and design the lots together. We will also provide any engineering requirements that the municipality may have to complete the consolidation process.

Surface Rights Act

Ever heard of the Surface Rights Act? The Act establishes the Surface Rights Board to determine and grant right of entry on the surface of any land, for any operation concerning mining, drilling, pipelines, and power transmission or telephone lines.

Mineral Lease

Have you ever heard of a mineral lease? This type of lease arrangement between an individual and a property owner that grants the individual the rights to extract minerals, such as iron, copper, oil, or natural gas, from a piece of property, or to explore to determine if these minerals are present, in exchange for …

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The Expert

When projects fail, the discussion always come down to who is liable for the construction damages. We offer litigation support services as an expert witness. With over 35 years of combined experience, we will testify in civil engineering disputes that may include land planning, land surveying, construction defect claims, material defect claims, developer transition and …

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Well Abandonment

Did you know? Companies must follow strict requirements primarily set out in Directive 020: Well Abandonment, to ensure that the public and environment are protected before, during, and after a well is abandoned. There are several stages that must be completed. There are many cases were wells do not get cut and capped because of …

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Waste Water

One of the less glamorous parts of civil engineering is dealing with waste water and sewage. If it flows too fast (like over 12-18 ft per second) then dangerous gasses are produced. There is a lot of science that goes into managing our waste water.