Zoning Overlay

Ever heard of Zoning Overlays? Zoning Overlay zoning is a regulatory tool that creates a special zoning district, placed over an existing base zone(s), which identifies special provisions in addition to those in the underlying base zone. The overlay district can share common boundaries with the base zone or cut across base zone boundaries. Whyte …

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Municipal Infrastructure Agreements

We are working on several MIAs (municipal infrastructure agreements) for a client’s property which includes approaches, sidewalks and curbs and gutters. These agreements ensure city standards are met as well as to ensure the developer pays for the portion of infrastructure that they intend to benefit from.

Run for the Cure

Thank you everyone who donated and/or participated in Run for the Cure yesterday. We raised $3000 and had over 40 people show up.

Parks, Trails and Schools

The Municipal Government Act and the Municipal Development Plan says that 10% of the developable lands be dedicated as Municipal Reserve, which can be used for development of a school, woodlot, parks, and those trails that are not associated with public utility lots.

Campground Design Services

Our campground design services include: Feasibility Studies. This involves the gathering and evaluation of information necessary to make an informed decision about the potential success of a campground development in a specific site.