Culverts and Ditches

Property owners and residents are responsible to maintain driveway culverts and ditches adjacent to their property. If the property owner fails to keep them clear, Epcor will come remove obstructions and discharge in a culvert at the property owner’s cost. This may include overgrown vegetation and debris that causes flooding to the road.

Parking Stall Cost

In Edmonton onsite parking can cost anywhere from $7,000 to $60,000 per stall, a cost that is passed down to the rent or mortgage payers, or paid for in goods bought and services used.

Ground Conditions

The ground conditions and road/driveway usage will ultimately dictate what thickness road is required (and therefore the price per square foot). For example, roads/driveways used by garbage trucks or water trucks will be more expensive than roads/driveways used by just cars.

Neighbourhood Design Elements

There are three essential healthy neighbourhood design elements: 1. Complete: a variety and mix of land uses are available in the community 2. Compact: the community is concentrated, not spread thinly over a large area 3.Connected: the layout makes it convenient and pleasant to get to destinations

MAMP Grant Program Still Open

The Municipal Asset Management Program is still accepting applications for grants up to $50,000 until the funds dry up. At the current pace, they expect the funds will be allocated within two months. We can assist you with the application if needed. Please contact us directly.

Auctioning Commercial Property

Are you planning on auctioning a commercial or industrial property in the near future? Simplify the transaction and increase your sale price by getting a Phase One Environmental Site Assessment in advance of the sale.


An easement is a right to use the property of another. You still own the land, but someone else has the right to enter and use a specific area, usually for a specific use. Some easements may have a characteristic, such as roads, that’s obvious. Others, such as utility easements, may not be so obvious. …

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Edmonton Zoning Terwilligar

Edmonton special area zones have modified more flexible standardized zones. For example, the residential area in Terwilligar the houses are permitted to have a smaller front setback so they can be closer to the street. Main entrances can be located on the side of the house.

Spring Melt 2021

Have you broken out your shorts and sandals yet (the Canadian way)? Construction season is just around the corner! Have you ever paid attention to the Spring melt and direction in which the water flows away from your home? Drainage issues tend to crop up in Spring. Don’t hesitate to contact us.