Create Opportunities

Property surveys help you understand your land to maximize your development's success

Bolson's approach to surveying your projects leads to an increased understanding of your property's potential.

Land survey

Get proficient insight into your property's lay-of-the-land and avoid any future arguments with your neighbour

The experts at Bolson will help you by surveying your property with expert precision.

Property Report

Access your real property report with Bolson's certified land survey experts

Your report summarizes the legal status of your development property as it exists.

Quantity Survey

You understand the value of checking quantities to a professional standard within constrained timelines

With more than 35 years of combined construction engineering experience, Bolson understands your need for precise supply management.

Supply Management

Measure and calculate the quantities of construction materials you need to procure for your project.

Supply monitoring

Manage your construction contracts, prepare cost reports, and monitor your on-site supply usage.

Supply reporting

Conduct monthly reconciliation surveys on materials received, existing supply balance, and resulting waste.

Culvert Mapping

Utilizing decades of experience and advanced survey technology, Bolson can help you map out your culvert network

Understand how to approach your municipal culvert systems for regular maintenance, future expansions, and required upgrades.

Simplified solutions

Your simplified engineering projects
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