phase one ESA

A Phase One Environmental Site Assessment is so much more than risk management 

Bolson is committed to managing your risk.

Environmental Protection

The engineering firm for your
environmental site assessments (ESA)

With more than 1000+ ESAa under its belt, you can trust Bolson Engineering

Site Assessments

Protecting the environment leads to long-term risk management

Remediation is expensive—a Phase One ESA will give you peace of mind.

calculating your risk

Every land development project starts
with an environmental assessment.
Every environmental assessment
starts with Bolson Engineering.

Get your expert-backed ESA report that summarizes the status of your property.

Physical Research

Get physical property research including direct on-site inspections with a professional engineer.

Historical Research

Review property history for wells, petroleum tanks, waste management, fire maps, photos, and permits.

Living Research

Bolson will conduct informative interviews with any current owners and occupants of your property.

Phase Two ESA

Trust Bolson Engineering
for a Phase Two ESA when your Phase One ESA doesn't cut it

Take a deeper diver into the chemical makeup of your land's status with a Phase Two ESA.

Avoid Remediation

Never worry about your engineering projects again with Bolson Engineering at the helm

Take control of your investment with a Phase Two ESA, and avoid remediation due to unaccounted environmental contamination

Sample Collection

Bolson Engineering processes your site for soil, groundwater, and sediment sampling.

Sample Analysis

Send your samples to a certified laboratory, and meet governing body standards for accurate results.

Erosion Control

Your certified approach to erosion control for protective environmental regulations

Get a stress-free approach to your erosion control when choosing Bolson Engineering as your environmental experts.

Professional Standard

Experience sustainable engineering project development that has your community front-of-mind

Bolson takes your erosion control seriously to keep your community safe.


Receive erosion control potential evaluations, individualized site assessments, and regulatory requirements pertaining to your development.


Get an erosion control plan, best methods for your erosion control, and guidelines for your sediment containment.


Establish your run-off for small watersheds, get erosion monitoring, and professional product recommendations.

Water Act

Did you know you need approval under your provincial Water Act before you can build anything in–and–around water?

Get the approval to keep your waters clean and build legacy projects at the same time.

Due Diligence

Do your due diligence when buying or selling a property

It's also your shared responsibility to keep your waters safe and pollutant-free.

Simplified solutions

Your simplified engineering projects
in two words:
Bolson Engineering

Built for legacy with passionate expert engineering services