Storm drainage

Stormwater Management

Stormwater management planning is essential to reduce the risk of flooding to local residential, commercial, and industrial infrastructure

With increasing weather unpredictability, you deserve to feel secure with your stormwater management systems.

Forward Thinking

The civil engineering firm for your stormwater management design

Bolson will approach your stormwater management designs accounting for an expanding population, aging infrastructure, and intensifying storms.


Analyze, plan, and develop your property's embankment landmarks.

Pump stations

Analyze or develop your property's pump station systems.

Storm Sewer Systems

Assess your sewer systems for recommendations and improvements.

Intakes, Culverts, Outfalls

Analyze your existing intakes, culverts, and outfalls for performance.

Hydraulic Analysis

Conduct a hydraulic analysis of your water processing status.

System mapping

Analyzing and mapping out your water system inventory.

Water Control Systems

Plan and develop your stormwater management structures.

Regulatory compliance

Ensure that your stormwater systems meet legislative requirements.

Agricultural Run-off

Assess the state of your agricultural run-off for improvements.

Water Supply Yield

Analyze your water status to understand and adjust its yield potential.

Simplified solutions

Your simplified engineering projects
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