Building Engineering

The right balance of technical expertise to tackle any of your building engineering needs

Bolson Engineering can take care of your structural, mechanical and electrical engineering, and all of your building inspections.

Rest Assured

You can stop searching around for different engineering service providers

Bolson features full-suite engineering services for all your development project needs.

Building inspections

The all-in-one expertise for your residential, commercial, and industrial building inspections

Rest assured knowing that your building inspections are backed by more than 35 years of experience.

Certified inspector

Get the expert insights into your building's deficiencies, safety concerns, and its current overall condition

Bolson's expertly trained engineering professionals conduct comprehensive inspections so you can understand your building's current status through-and-through

Structural Engineering

Bolson will take care of your structural engineering development projects

Have a clear understanding of the upfront project expenses for your development

Capable Hands

Understand all the ins–and–outs of your structural engineering project with a development summary

In summarizing your development project, you'll get a projected budget, in-depth project research, and a complete project proposal

Screw Pile Designs

New Structural Engineering

Loading Calculations

Structural Inspections

Temporary Structure Designs


mechanical and electrical

Full-suite mechanical and electrical engineering services for your small-to-large building development projects

Bolson will take care of your mechanical and electrical engineering and provide you with a simplified project proposal.

Better Engineering

Get an engineering contractor that checks off all the boxes for your property development

Thanks to Bolson's full-suite engineering expertise, you'll get mechanical and electrical engineering services.

Mechanical Engineering

Get your HVAC and plumbing engineering designs developed by industry experts.

Electrical engineering

Get electrical engineering designs including signage, alarm systems, and building lighting.

Simplified solutions

Your simplified engineering projects
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Bolson Engineering

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