Katie Thompson

Protecting Your Water Wells

Protecting your water wells on your property is vital to protecting your business and managing health risks to people and animals. There are a variety of strategies to manage your risk of contaminating your water wells. Alberta Agriculture and Forestry lists threats and prevention tactics (see below) https://open.alberta.ca/publications/working-well-clean-water-well-protected-2017

Road Preservation

Did you know? Crack sealing and microsurfacing are preservation treatments to slow down the natural degradation of roads that are in excellent condition. These treatments will preserve and extend their service life.

100 Year Flood Plain

When purchasing a property, you may here the term “100 year flood plain”. But what does that actually mean? Counties and cities conduct flood hazard mapping as part of their planning process and insurance companies use that information to formulate your insurance premiums. It is the statistical chances of the property having an extreme hydrologic …

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