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Bolson Engineering and Environmental Services is a professional civil engineering firm based in Edmonton, Alberta.  We deliver state-of-the-art industrial, municipal and commercial civil engineering services to our clients mainly across Alberta.  Furthermore, our reach has extended to clients all across Canada and the United States.

We specialize in phase one and two environmental site assessments (Phase 1 and 2 ESAs),  preliminary and detailed designs and full cycle project management.

Our team has decades of consulting engineering experience.   We have designed and project managed tank farms, roads/highways, subdivisions, infills, campgrounds, gas stations, parking lots, new developments, storage facilities, spray parks, road detours and pipeline relocations.  We have conducted flood plain analysis, erosion control reviews and culvert mapping, etc.  We have done over a thousand Phase One Environmental Site Assessments.   You name it, we’ve done it.

Our Philosophy

Our favorite slogan is “Plan your development”.  Therefore our Corporate Responsibility philosophy is to connect business to communities by engaging people to develop professionally, personally and ethically.   We always conduct business with integrity and strive to create opportunities to develop our future leaders to solve real world problems.   Over the years we have sponsored a number of sports teams and donated to a variety of non-profit foundations.

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Sidewalk Replacement

You may have recently received a notice this Summer for construction crews working in your area to remove and replace random sidewalk slabs in your neighbourhood. While some may look fine on the outside, deficiencies can cause improper drainage which will soon develop...

Easements and Right-of-Way

On some lots, an easement or right-of-way is registered to allow a concrete or grass drainage swale construction. Easements or rights-of-way shown on approved Lot Grading Plan must be displayed on a lot grading certificate. Lot grading certificates are completed for...

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