Drainage Assessments

Commercial and Industrial

A Commercial Drainage Assessment can save you 25%-80% of your Epcor commercial drainage fees.
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A Drainage Assessment is an inspection by a Civil Engineer for a commercial or industrial property.  We will evaluate the development intensity and runoff co-efficient.  This drainage assessment along with an application for an Epcor Stormwater Utility Credit could save you 25% to 80% of your drainage costs. 

A Drainage Assessment can include a physical site inspection, a review of aerial photos and a compilation of on-site stormwater management systems.  At this time, the option for a credit only exists for City of Edmonton commercial and industrial properties.


What are some
that help save
commercial and industrial drainage fees?

  • A portion of the commercial land is undeveloped and covered in vegetation
  • Dry/wet ponds onsite to minimize drainage services
  • Drainage is flowing directly to a stormwater conveyance system
  • Onsite stormwater management techniques such as swales, underground piping, overflow releases and ponding areas
  • Low impact development strategies
  • A commercial property covered in gravel.

All of our drainage assessments are written and stampled by an apega professional civil engineer.

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