As a savvy investor purchasing a piece of land, you know that is pays to make calculated risk and reduce your liability.  Maybe the landowner adjacent to the property for sale had old tanks leaking into the ground for the last twenty years without their knowledge.  Remediation costs are expensive.  A Phase One Environmental Site Assessment (Phase 1 ESA) will buy you peace of mind.

A Phase 1 ESA will identify any potential or real environmental sources of contamination on the subject property.  This includes a non-intrusive full report on historial and current contamination of the property and adjacent properties. 

Our Phase 1 ESA reports will include: 

>A physical site inspection

>A review of aerial photos

>A compilation of searches for wells, petroleum tanks, waste management and fire insurance maps

>Historical photos and permits

>Interviews with owners/occupants

Bolson Engineering has completed tons of Phase One Environmental Site Assessments in Edmonton, across Alberta and Western Canada and the United States.  We have a quick turnaround so you can complete your land sale with ease.  We have worked with a variety of banks and we will tailor Phase 1 ESA reports to their format requirements.  All of our assessments are stamped by a professionally designated engineer.  Interested in learning more? Check out our services.