Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids

Groundwater contamination is very difficult and sometimes impossible to clean up. Chemicals used in drycleaning, wood preservation, asphalt operations, machining and the repair of cars, planes and electrical equipment are known as dense non-aqueous phase liquids. These chemicals will are heavier than water and will sink quickly into the ground making clean up extremely difficult. …

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Abandoned Wells in Alberta

Did you know Alberta has an Orphan Well Association? This non-profit organization was created between the Alberta government and the Oil and Gas industry to manage the environmental risks of abandoned wells that don’t have any legal or financially responsible party. Over the 6 years, the amount of abandoned wells in Alberta has tripled.

Abandoned Wells in Alberta Supreme Court Ruling (January 2019)

Abandoned oil and gas wells and pipelines are a growing problem in Alberta and could eventually end up costing taxpayers and landowners up to $300 billion dollars to reclaim these abandoned wells. Some of the wells have been sitting for 40+ years. The D. Howe Institute (an independent not for profit research organization) estimates more …

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Spring 2019 and Flooding

Spring brings the promise of warmer weather and more daylight and it also brings a variety of weather conditions including floods, heavy rains and the spring thaw. Neighbourhoods are designed to ensure that the water flows away from your home towards the sewer. However, Spring is often a time when residential drainage issues are discovered. …

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Grading design project

Designing Roads and Asphalt Thickness

While most people don’t give it a second thought, there are a variety of factors that go into designing a road.   The civil engineer’s role is ensure adequate structural design (asphalt thickness) for the soil type/drainage (soil subgrade strength), expected loads and speeds, pavement material characteristics and climate conditions.  In Alberta, asphalt thickness on roads …

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Consolidating Lots Together

Need more space? We can consolidate two or more lots together into one large lot.  We will create a plan to combine, rezone and design the lots together.  We will also provide any engineering requirements that the municipality may have to complete the consolidation process.