Katie Thompson

Rezoning Developments

An average of 59% of developments require rezoning in Canada and approximately 65% of developments in Alberta. Most municipalities usually require the applicant to submit a Phase I environmental assessment along with their rezoning application.

New Development & Highway Upgrades

New developments significantly increase traffic and highway upgrades are often required to meet the demand. As per government policy, the local municipality is financially responsible to fund the highway upgrades into new developments. Municipalities can:-Apply conditions to subdivisions and development-collect fee and off-site levies-receive provincial transportation grants which can be used to fund highway improvements …

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Integrated Storm Water Management Plan

What is an Integrated Storm Water Management Plan and why is it important?Most municipalities require new land developments to submit an Integrated Storm Water Management Plan. Ultimately the objective of an integrated Storm Water Management Plan is to balance land use planning, storm water engineering, flood and erosion protection and environmental protection. The plan usually …

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Flood Plain Analysis

Flood Plain Analysis

Clients often require flood plain analysis prior to developing land. A flood plain analysis is a collection of data that includes: • Elevation data (from both LiDAR, manual survey, previous works) • Precipitation data • Key flow nodes where sub catchments input water flow • Existing storm water management plans and infrastructure detail plans • …

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Erosion Control Reviews

We are now set up to offer Erosion Control Reviews in Alberta by a fully certified ESC inspector. Ensure you are doing your due diligence to mitigate cleanup costs on your construction projects with sediment and erosion control.