Commercial and Industrial Inspections

We are trained engineering professionals that conduct comprehensive inspections for commercial and industrial buildings. We will evaluate any deficiencies, safety concerns and conduct property condition assessments on behalf of insurance companies, lawyers, corporations, financial institutes and/or personal investors.

Mitigating Project Overages

What are the top 3 reasons construction projects go over budget?1) Projects have budgets and working in teams often disperses that responsibility. One person has to own the budget. One person needs to be accountable for the budget and provide regular updates to the client and team members.2) Unclear project scope and goals. Project scopes …

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Hydrostatic Pressure

Hydrostatic pressure forms when water saturates the soil surrounding a building foundation. This is when we start to see cracks in the foundation. Improper soil grading can be a builder’s and owner’s worst nightmare.

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Avison Young Market Report

Avison Young posted their Edmonton Retail Market Report for the first half of 2019. What is most interesting is the shift from demographics to valuegraphics and how it applies to the Edmonton real estate market. Take a look. https://www.avisonyoung.com/documents/95662/6345302/Edmonton+Retail+Market+Report+%28Mid-Year+2019%29/33aec653-19cc-44df-9211-97c310bb1775?t=1948707325&fbclid=IwAR2zcqKarHonYFYwAupmxqhnePJYsIKdtGpMAONlknuE20zSOx47_w7Q8ac