Occupational Risk Score and COVID-19

Want to know what your COVID-19 occupational risk score? Here is a list of occupations and their associated risk. See where you rank! #albertacivilengineers @bolsonengineer The Front Line: Visualizing the Occupations with the Highest COVID-19 Risk  

Alberta Fire Ban

Last week, Alberta implemented a fire ban at all provincial parks and protected areas. It is expected to last until after May Long weekend or even longer. While this is super disappointing (!!!!!), this will help prevent multiple emergencies happening all at once.


Infills and Drainage Issues

Spring is here!!!! FINALLY! Do you or your neighbour have an ongoing infill project? Infills can affect the existing drainage patterns in developed neighbourhoods and can cause flooding and erosion issues on existing properties. This can cause disputes between neighbours, especially when your neighbours’ new infill grading plan diverts additional water to your property. Questions …

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Free Online Training

Looking to stay sharp in the business world while in quarantine mode? LinkedIn is offering one month of learning courses for free. https://www.linkedin.com/learning/Online-Training

Essential Services

Like you, we are doing our best to navigate this difficult and strange time. Our engineering services have been deemed essential services thus we are still open for business. We are doing our best to serve our clients with minimal physical contact to keep everyone safe. 

Working Remotely and COVID-19

What a turn of events! Fortunately for us, we are very portable and can work from pretty much anywhere. Some aren’t so lucky.  We are still open for business and doing our part to slow the spread of COVID-19.

A case for a Phase One ESA

There is a major clash happening between oil and gas companies and landowners in Alberta. Wells are being abandoned and taxes aren’t being paid. Take a look. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/alberta-landowners-farmers-power-unpaid-debts-1.5438969?fbclid=IwAR3yqmpPa9RApehM8NC7x98dycmfhHH0LkjdQPzLR8jk5Ih6g_EqZ4bto_c

Northlands Update

The City of Edmonton is planning on redeveloping the Edmonton Exhibition Lands (Northlands, race track, etc.). Since it is so close to downtown and the river valley, there is a ton of opportunity to update this highly desirable area. What kind of developments do you think should replace this massive parcel of land?

Spring Thaw 2020

Ah Spring time! This Winter seemed to drag by, am I right? As the snow begins to melt, be sure to keep your basement nice and dry by shovelling snow away from window wells, downspouts and your house foundation.