Anthony Henday Expansion

Do you use the Anthony Henday daily? Originally, the southwest portion of Anthony Henday was designed to allow for 40,000 vehicles a day by 2020. Edmonton expanded more quickly than expected, and as of June 2020 this portion of the ring road now carries approximately 80,000 vehicles a day. Accordingly, the Southwest Anthony Henday Drive …

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Velocity and Sewage and Piping Systems

In sewage piping and pumping systems, the flow velocity must exceed certain limits to maintain smooth flowing operation and to avoid settling and sedimentation of solids. Sanitary sewer lines are usually installed at 0.5%-3% slope so that the water does not outrun the solids resulting in a clogged sewer line. #albertacivilengineers @bolsonengineer

100 Year Storm

Meteorologists, climatologists and hydrologists calculate 100-year events as a statistical tool to determine the likelihood of intense storms or floods. For example, meteorologists use the average year-to-year rainfall in a given area to figure out the chances of having a storm of potentially epic proportions. What it means is that every year there’s a 1-in-100 …

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Infills and Drainage Issues

Spring is here!!!! Do you or your neighbour have an ongoing infill project? Infills can affect the existing drainage patterns in developed neighbourhoods and can cause flooding and erosion issues on existing properties. This can cause disputes between neighbours, especially when your neighbours’ new infill grading plan diverts additional water to your property. Questions will …

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Alberta Campgrounds

Campground in Alberta are designed to foster the conservation of wetlands, wildlife habitats and management of steep slopes. There are several campground design rules and guidelines managed by the Province of Alberta to maximize usage for both people and wildlife.  We have designed and developed a variety of campgrounds in Alberta over the years. Our …

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Cold Snap and Force Main

Good news! This bitter cold should end early next week. Force main pipes (pressurized sewage pipes) are usually trenched in 2.8 meters in or more (in Edmonton) to avoid being frozen solid in a cold snap like this.