Structural Engineering

In addition to our civil engineering services menu, we offer a side of structural engineering services.   Our clients will get a clear overview of the upfront expenses of a development plan.   We will put together a summary of budgets, research, projections and a proposal (including things you may not have thought of).  Here is a snapshot of our current structural engineering services. 

  • Screw Pile Design
  • Structural Engineering for new Buildings
  • Loading Calculations
  • Structural Inspections such as deck approvals and foundation reviews
  • Temporary Structure design and Assessments

We cater to all types of clients and project sizes.  Our clientele ranges from homeowners requiring a deck inspection and condo boards have approached us to put together large proposals to upgrade various structural condo components.    We bring the right balance of talent, quality experience and enthusiasm.    

Innovation at your fingertips.