Grading, Drainage and

Stormwater Management Plans

Drainage and stormwater management planning are essential to reduce the risk of flooding of local infrastructure of home, roads and businesses.  With increasing extreme weather events over the last ten years, the role of civil engineers has become imperative to protect our assets and find effective solutions to adapt to a changing climate.

Most municipalities require new land developments to submit an integrated stormwater management plan. Ultimately the objective of an integrated stormwater management Plan is to balance land use planning, storm water engineering, flood and erosion protection and environmental protection.   The plan usually contains a proactive plan to mimic natural ecosystem processes, maximize watershed values and prevent future problems within an urban landscape.

There is no universal stormwater management technique however one example of drainage management includes detention ponds. Detention ponds are designed to hold the water temporarily in a pond to allow some sediment to sink into the bottom to allow cleaner water to flow to neighbourhood streams.  

Each development requires a unique strategic plan to address a variety of concerns such as pollutant control, protecting property, rainwater integration with land use and flood hazard mapping.   Our grading plans, drainage and stormwater management services include:

  • Embankments
  • Pump stations
  • Storm sewer systems
  • Intakes, culverts, outfalls
  • Hydrology and hydraulic anaylysis
  • System inventory analysis, mapping, data collection and GIS integration
  • Drainage and stormwater management control structures
  • Permits and regulatory compliance
  • Agricultural and feedlot runoff control
  • Water supply and reservoir yield

Bolson engineers recognize that drainage and stormwater management plans have to become more flexible to allow for overcapacity for an increasing population, aging infrastructure and intense storms. 

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