Preliminary and Detailed Designs

Bolson Engineering and Environmental Services provides a variety of municipal, industrial and commercial civil engineering design services across Alberta and beyond.  We have worked with a clients ranging from villages to cities and private investors.

Our resume is composed of a wide range of preliminary and detailed design projects including subdivisions, lot splitting, campgrounds, tank farms, storage facilities, truck stops, roads, highways, foundations, spray parks, landscaping plans, etc.   We can redesign partially completed plans or start from scratch (see our Project Gallery).

Our preliminary designs and detailed designs are customized to suit your vision.  The design process will factor in proven strategies in environmental sustainability, end usability, future planning and compliance with municipalities.

Our design phases may include the following:

  • New development of commercial, industrial or municipal projects (storage units, spray parks, foundations for transmission towers, etc.)
  • Lots and Subdivisions Plans
  • Tank farm Designs
  • Roads/Highways/Parking Lot Designs (including local residential, collector, and arterial)
  • Servicing Designs (Watermain, sanitary, and storm pipe design)
  • Neighbourhood Design Reports
  • Topographical/Construction Survey
  • Grading Plans, Drainage Analysis Designs and Reports
  • Storm Water Management Plan
  • Review of Existing Area Structure Plans and Anticipated Cost to Modify

We will take care of the technical details such as the planning and design of water and sewage services based on human settlement demands, etc.   Working closely with our clients on the design process, we will ensure your project is feasible and provide anticipated timelines.  For further inquiries please contact us.