Civil Design

The Right Design will Drive Your Productivity.

Design is one of those things that can be gratifying when it is well-executed but absolutely aggravating when it is poorly done. The unfortunate reality is that we’re living in a world with bad design all around us.  Just think of an airport with a poor layout or a gas station with limited accessibility.  

It is important not to skimp on a good design as it is the foundation of your business.  For example, a parking lot design will quietly influence how customers interact with your business.  Too much parking will lead to lost business opportunities and increased costs.  Inconvenient or lack of parking made lead consumers to order online. At the end of the day, it is all about the user experience. 

We can redesign partially completed plans or start from scratch.  Our preliminary designs and detailed designs are customized to make your vision a reality.  The design process will factor in proven strategies in environmental sustainability, end usability, future planning and compliance with municipalities.

Proven Design Strategies.
Even the smallest design changes will reap long term benefits.

Bolson Engineering provides custom civil designs for private investors, villages, towns, counties and large corporations which have included:

  • Tank farm Designs
  •  Roads/Highways/Parking Lot Designs (including local residential, collector, and arterial)
  •  Servicing Designs (Watermain, sanitary, and storm pipe design)
  •  Neighbourhood Design Reports 
  • Topographical/Construction Survey
  • Grading Plans, Drainage Analysis Designs and Reports
  • Storm Water Management Plan
  • Review of Existing Area Structure Plans and Anticipated Cost to Modify
  • New development of commercial, industrial or municipal projects (storage units, campgrounds, spray parks, foundations for transmission towers, etc.

We will take care of technical details such as the planning and design of water and sewage services based on population, type of business and usage, etc. Working closely with our clients on the design process, we will ensure your project is feasible, on budget and on time. 

Innovation at your fingertips.