Safety Vision

At Bolson Engineering and Environmental Services, we are dedicated to safeguarding our most valuable assets – the health and safety of our people, our environment and our neighbouring communities. We believe a solid health and safety foundation is pivotal for all parties involved.   Our character as an accountable organization is critical to our long-term success.

As a core value, we empower our people to uphold their commitment to safety excellence – a business philosophy that says “safety starts with me”.

Bolson's Commitment

  • Organizational strategies are intricately intertwined with health & safety, sustainable environment, client and financial objectives.
  • Bolson Management takes a proactive role in all safety initiatives. In keeping with our Business Code of Conduct, we facilitate a shared responsibility from the ground up.
  • Compliance with all legislative occupational health and safety regulations.
  • We believe that incidents are preventable. Our goal is to actively identify, understand and manage all risks that could impede the health and safety of our workers, communities and/or the environment.
An injury free and safe workplace is our first priority at Bolson Engineering