Erosion Control Reviews

There are several protective regulations (federal and provincial) to prevent construction projects from causing erosion and sedimentation to the surrounding environment. As a contractor and/or consultant, due diligence is required by implementing best management practices and guidelines. We are set up to conduct Erosion Control Reviews in Alberta by a certified inspector. An Erosion Control Design and/or Review may include:

*Site erosion potential and evaluation
*Individualized site assessment
*Regulatory requirements that pertain to your development
*A temporary erosion and sediment control plan
*A permanent erosion and sediment control plan
*Methods for erosion and sediment control
*Guidelines for the design of sediment containment
*Best practices
*Establishing runoff for small watersheds
*Guidelines for the design of open channels
*Design examples (if required)
*Erosion Monitoring
*Product Recommendations
*Design and Implementations

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