Mature Neighbourhood Overlay Regulations

Katie Thompson

RF3 zoning is probably the most versatile zoning in mature Edmonton neighbourhoods.  RF1 zoning is the most common zoning for residential neighbourhoods.

Let’s explore the primary residential mature neighbourhood zoning options in Edmonton:

RF1 – Single detached Residential Zone.  In other words, RF1 zoning is the single standalone house.  This is Edmonton’s smallest scale zone and the most common zoning in Edmonton.  The lots need to be a minimum 25 feet wide.   Desirable infill neighbourhoods such as Westmount, Hazeldean and Idylwyde lots are a minimum 50 feet wide. Developers often subdivide these oversized lots and build skinny homes for a profit.  Basement suites and garden suites are permitted in this zoning area.  Garden suite sizes are usually a maximum percentage of the principal building onsite.

RF3 – Low Density Redevelopment Zone.  A mix of single standalone houses, duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes and garden suites are permitted in this residential zone.    The lot size and setbacks (the distance between the building and the end of the lot) will determine what type of building can be constructed such as a triplex or four-plex.  Although rare, you will occasionally find a corner lot that meets the RF3 zoning criteria in an infill neighbourhood for a triplex or four-plex.

In mature overlay neighbourhoods such as Glenora, the maximum building height is 8.9 meters tall whereas in newer neighbourhoods such as Secord the maximum height is 10.0 meters.   Basements can be a maximum of 1.5 meters above grade in mature overlay neighbourhoods.

If a variance on the zoning regulations is requested by the developer, a consultation takes place with the neighbours. An example of a variance may include a shorter setback for a corner lot duplex because the developer wants to increase the size of a building to put on that lot.  During the consultation process, letters are sent to your neighbours and their comments are taken into consideration on the development officer’s final decision.    To ensure there are no hiccups in the construction process, the property needs to be zoned properly and then the building needs to be permitted for the property it’s being built on.  Just because the zoning says you can build a duplex, triplex, etc. doesn’t mean the lot itself meets the building construction city criteria.

Have questions about rezoning a mature lot in Edmonton?  Bolson Engineering and Environmental Services can facilitate the complex process of rezoning and getting building permits for your new property.  Please contact us to discuss your situation.

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