An easement is a right to use the property of another. You still own the land, but someone else has the right to enter and use a specific area, usually for a specific use. Some easements may have a characteristic, such as roads, that’s obvious. Others, such as utility easements, may not be so obvious. Most subdivision easements are incorporated into property owners’ deeds and have specific, physical limits, such as a utility easement of a specific width. Other easements can be part of subdivision covenants, the subdivision’s rules of use to which buyers agree when they buy property in a subdivision.
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Katie Thompson

Katie Thompson

Katie Thompson is the Business Development Officer for Bolson Engineering and Environmental Services. Katie has worked in the Oil and Gas industry for over 12 years with all levels of management and employees prior to working at Bolson. She oversees the marketing and business development of Bolson Engineering and Environmental Services. Katie holds a B.A. degree in Sociology and Psychology from the University of Alberta and her HR Certification and has her C.P.H.R. designation.