Commercial Drainage Fees

We recently saved an Edmonton Church 49% of their Epcor Commercial Drainage Fees with a professional drainage assessment.  Contact us for a free assessment.

Environmental Contamination

About 60% of Canada’s contaminated sites involve petroleum hydrocarbon (PHC). Other contaminants examples include oxygen-depleting organics and nutrients such as animal manure, human waste, potassium, phosphate and nitrogen.

Commercial Building Inspections

What Do Commercial Inspectors Look for During an Inspection? As a knowledgeable investor, you know that managing your risk is key to your success.  Prior to closing on a commercial real estate transaction, it is important to evaluate the prospective commercial building for defects.  A building inspection is usually carried out to protect all parties …

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Epcor Stormwater Utility Credit

A Drainage Assessment can save significant monthly expenses for commercial and industrialEdmonton property owners. Have you noticed a huge increase in your non-residential stormwater utility charges on your City of Edmonton Epcor bill?    A Stormwater Utility Credit program is available for qualifying commercial/industrial properties.  Our curated engineering reports will take the guesswork out of your …

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Subdivision Design and Promoting Sidewalk Usage

Sidewalks are a small element of a civil engineering subdivision design and yet they have a very influential impact on our communities. Does the current city of Edmonton sidewalk residential design meet the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, e-bikes, scooters, wheelchair users and other non-vehicular traffic in residential areas?   For most communities, the answer is a …

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