Auctioning Commercial Property

Are you planning on auctioning a commercial or industrial property in the near future? Simplify the transaction and increase your sale price by getting a Phase One Environmental Site Assessment in advance of the sale.


An easement is a right to use the property of another. You still own the land, but someone else has the right to enter and use a specific area, usually for a specific use. Some easements may have a characteristic, such as roads, that’s obvious. Others, such as utility easements, may not be so obvious. …

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Edmonton Zoning Terwilligar

Edmonton special area zones have modified more flexible standardized zones. For example, the residential area in Terwilligar the houses are permitted to have a smaller front setback so they can be closer to the street. Main entrances can be located on the side of the house.

Spring Melt 2021

Have you broken out your shorts and sandals yet (the Canadian way)? Construction season is just around the corner! Have you ever paid attention to the Spring melt and direction in which the water flows away from your home? Drainage issues tend to crop up in Spring. Don’t hesitate to contact us.


Stormwater Utility Bill Credit and Drainage Assessments

Have you noticed a huge increase in your non-residential Epcor stormwater utility bill this year? We recently had a client who is paying about $1600 a month just in stormwater drainage for their commercial property. This does not include electricity, water and wastewater treatment services. Currently the stormwater fee is calculated by the following formula: …

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City of Edmonton RF3 Zone

The RF3 zone in Edmonton is meant to provide a mix of smaller scale housing. This includes duplexes, multi-unit housing, supportive housing, semi-detached housing, single detached housing, secondary suites and garden suites.

City of Edmonton RF4 Zone

The RF4 zone in Edmonton is primarily designed for semi-detached housing and duplexes. Garden suites or secondary suites are permitted in this zone.

Parking Minimums Bylaw Changes in Edmonton

Edmonton Council voted on the bylaw change in June of 2020, making Edmonton the first major Canadian municipality to do away with parking minimums. The end goal has been to make Edmonton more compact, transit-oriented and walkable. It will also reduce the costs associated with redevelopments and new developments.