Waste Water

One of the less glamorous parts of civil engineering is dealing with waste water and sewage. If it flows too fast (like over 12-18 ft per second) then dangerous gasses are produced. There is a lot of science that goes into managing our waste water.


Part of what makes asphalt so effective is because many precautions are taken to provide proper water drainage. Slopes and catch basins prevent water from getting under the asphalt (which can freeze and thaw) and can cause serious damage.

High Water Tables

We have had a ton of rain this past month. High water tables can cause all kinds of issues during the construction process. The water table is the surface zone in which water can saturate the soil. There are a variety of factors that can impact the water tables such as degree of ground saturation, …

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Parking Lots and Design

For the most space-conscious parking slots, always opt for the 90 degree angled spaces.  They are also easier for customers to park especially in high traffic areas such as convenience stores.

Parking Lot Design

A parking lot design is heavily influenced by the purpose it serves. For example, a truck stop gas station will have a thicker asphalt then a regular gas station to accommodate the extra weight of larger vehicles. The soil subclass, the type of vehicles and the volume of traffic all impact the thickness of the …

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