About Us

A Family-Owned Civil Engineering Company Firm Since 2007.

Even as a young kid, I had an aptitude for solving complex math problems at school. In my spare time I played hundreds of games of Monopoly with my bestie because it involved my three favorites things: math; commercial real estate; and land development. Of course, I didn’t realize this at the time.

My passion for commercial development stayed with me right through university and followed me throughout my career – even if it was just lurking in the background.  I somehow found my way into mining engineering –  civil engineering’s closest cousin.

After a couple of years of staying in rustic five star motels in the middle of nowhere selling mining products, I decided to return to my roots.  I got my P. Eng. in civil engineering working with an Edmonton roadworks contractor and a construction engineering company (who I still partner with today).

That is when Bolson Engineering and Environmental Services was born.   Turning your passion into a side gig takes a lot of persistence.  Walking a fine line between being an employee and self-employment is complicated.   Your being pulled in all directions.  Your are shedding blood, sweat and tears working 24/7 to get your business off the ground.  You are also simultaneously working a day job to keep the lights on and make student loan payments.  My LinkedIn profile did not match my current position or company so it did lead to some really awkward conversations with my boss at the time.  Out of necessity, Bolson offered only Phase One Environmental Site Assessments since they could be done nights and weekends.       

From there I branched out and cemented relationships in the construction and commercial real estate industry.   I left my job as a Project Manager and expanded Bolson into a full time business.  The team now includes a rock star designer and a jack of all trades business development officer (who also happens to be my wife).  We also expanded our services menu but still remain the top dog in our little civil engineering niche.

We are passionate about development. Rest assured that you are in the right hands. 

Trent Thompson, Owner and Founder