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Edmonton Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Bolson Engineering and Environmental Services specializes in Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments in Edmonton.

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is a non-intrusive investigation of a property which is used to identify actual and potential sources of environmental contamination if present. It results in a reduction of the uncertainty of potential environmental liabilities that may be on the property. Typically, a Phase I ESA is required for the following reasons:

  • A Bank or Financial Institution has requested a Phase I ESA be completed to minimize the risk of a property that is being financed
  • A potential buyer has requested a Phase I ESA be completed as part of the due diligence process of a potential purchase of property
  • A parcel of land is being rezoned and the local municipality requires a Phase I ESA as part of the rezoning process
  • The City of Edmonton requires that all land transactions that take place (transfer of title, new development, building addition, etc.) have a relevant Phase I ESA of the subject property completed within the last 2 years
Phase 1 environmental site assessment in Alberta

As part of the process of completing a Phase I ESA, the following steps are completed:

  • Site Visit and Inspection
  • Review of Historical Aerial Photographs
  • Review of Historical Land Titles
  • Petroleum Tank Management Association of Alberta is contacted to verify if any tanks were ever registered on or near the subject property
  • Review of Historical Fire Insurance Maps
  • Land Owner Interview(s)
  • Review of Environmental Site Repositories
  • Water Well Search
  • Environmental Law Centre Search
  • Contact local Edmonton bylaw enforcement authorities
  • Contact local drainage, waste management, fire department, emergency services personnel
  • Any additional searches that may be warranted based on the findings of these initial searches
  • Evaluation and Compilation of data in the form of a written report

Upon completion of the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, if the site is deemed free and clear of potential environmental contamination then this is noted in the report. If any information is found that may provide cause for further investigation to be completed then a Phase II ESA may be recommended. A Phase II ESA would involve actual testing and analysis of soil samples on the subject property and is much more intrusive than a Phase I ESA.